About Zyanya

Aromatic plants and essential oils have played an important role in our rituals of beauty, health and spirit for centuries. Zyanya essences and blends have the power to lift the spirit, soothe the body, transform a room, alter the senses and restore the soul. The name Zyanya (zyah’ ñah) means always, and derives from the Tzapotecas, the Cloud People, neighboring the Aztecs. Zyanya products use only genuine and authentic essential oils. All products are hand-blended in small batches for the highest quality.

Zyanya provides blends for spas, hotels, yoga studios, retail stores, massage therapists, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists and many others.

Zyanya Mission Statement:

Zyanya Aromatherapy provides simple botanical based solutions for modern problems

Zyanya Philosophy:
We believe that using essential oils leads to having more self-confidence to maintain our well being without constantly relying on conventional drugs. Most people are not aware of how much humans depend on plants, for food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Approximately 25% of all conventional medicines are derived from plants.  By gradually gaining experience with using essential oils, lavender for a burn, or peppermint for a headache, we begin to feel more in control of our own health.

Zyanya sources from select importers, offering oils that are steam or water distilled from small growers and artisan distillers from around the world. Zyanya is synonymous with the highest of purity and energy in essential oils based on their authenticity.

Science currently reveals new information in the fields of molecular, cellular and evolutionary biology. Plant metabolism, which has evolved to support life for eons, reflects prevailing environmental conditions. The bioactivity link between plants and humans is best exhibited in wild harvested plants, like lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus. Essential oil molecules ultimately target biological processes via inhalation, ingestion and transdermal application. For the purposes of medicine and healing, the desire for genuine and authentic essences becomes abundantly clear.

Essential oils can be cleverly manipulated in a laboratory in order to be standardized or adulterated. This may be fine for household products, perfumes or candles, but questionable for use as healing agents. State-of-the-art laboratory tests, including gas chromatography are used to provide quality control.

Avoiding any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, we prize essential oils distilled at low temperatures with long distillation times. This prevents the loss of trace elements, the smallest chemical components, considered the soul of the plant. Relying on the standards of long-established family businesses for cultivation and distillation, most oils are organic but come without certification, due to the prohibitive costs for small operations.