About Robert

In 1994 my friend and neighbor, the late George “Sadi” Kerr, who was also a massage therapist gave me my first bottle of lavender. He and his wife Aurelia owned a small business importing essential oils from Europe. While using the lavender during a massage, I began to feel a subtle yet profound shift in my own energy. Certainly, the aroma of French lavender was very pleasing, but the effects on my nervous system were soothing and calming. Before I knew it I had an intense curiosity, and George began teaching me the basics of aromatherapy while supplying me with magical oils. - Robert Berryman

In 1994 Robert received his Massage Therapy certificate from the Massage School of Santa Monica. Working closely with his mentor, Garnet Dupuis, Robert received advanced training in various bodywork techniques, including Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and aromatic massage. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin, so massage is one of the best ways to experience aromatherapy.

In 1995 Robert joined the world-famous Burke Williams Spa of Los Angeles as a massage therapist and aromatherapy consultant. He introduced the staff to a special massage technique using exquisite essential oils and hand-crafted products that the spa then used in its treatments.
Robert’s seminars and the exceptional products he introduced to Burke Williams created a tremendous surge in the popularity of the spa’s aromatherapy services and led to Robert becoming the manager of the massage department.

Along with international certification from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in 2003, Robert credits his expanding knowledge and understanding to guidance from some of the modern gurus of aromatherapy, Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt- PIA’s Scientific Director, Monika Haas- PIA, John Steele – Lifetree Aromatix, and Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen- Jade Purity Foundation.  

Robert has been a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years. His clientele include celebrities, entertainment industry executives, and healthcare professionals. Since 1999 Robert has devoted himself to the company he founded, Zyanya Aromatherapy, and to his private bodywork practice in Echo Park, California. He loves hiking, international travel, reading and playing West Indian and West African-style guitar.